'Simple Selfie'

The simple selfie commission is a concept I started early 2020. During isolation I was able to really delve into my art practice and focus on what message I was trying to create. With the female form and nudity being my main inspiration, I offered a "simple selfie" commission where woman sent through a nude or semi nude photo of themselves and I then repainted their image on a small A5 piece of cotton rag paper. It was empowering, inspiring and amazing to see how many people were on board and I hope to keep these simple selfie commissions open to whoever would like to honour themselves through art, gift to a loved one, or gift themselves. 

Painted on beautiful, soft 300gsm cotton rag paper with the option of A5, A4  and A3. 

Open to all genders ~ Please email me through the contact page with a photo, size and contact details for postage. 

A5 ~ $75

A4 ~ $100

A3 ~ $150