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Girl Talk Workshop 

A monthly painting workshop dedicated to self love, female empowerment and all things girl talk. This idea came to life during isolation lockdown during covid. It is something that had been in my mind for forever but I had no idea where to start. I approached a friend who is also a local Perth artist and together we brang Girl Talk to life and now run regular workshops, birthday events, hens and private functions. It is truely a passion being able to share my love for art and the power of the female body with other Woman. Creating a safe space for females to share, express and grow is everything to me, and exactly what girl talk workshop is all about. 

You can find all the details to our upcoming workshops over at the @girltalk.workshop instagram page <3 

Part of a series taken by @_tilldeath_ during isolation. 


I converted a small corner of our one bedroom apartment into an "art studio" with drop sheets from the op shop and a ten dollar adjustable table we found on gumtree.  We had to sell our dining table and piano to make it work, and now that I say that I realise how truely lucky I am to have such a supportive partner that sold his own furniture to make room for my chaos. 

I still make all of my art from here, and I couldn't imagine doing it anywhere else. Although I do miss the piano. 

April, 2020

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Poko. Hontas 


After working and volunteering in various tattoo studios,  I started my apprenticeship in July 2020.  Once I had decided it was the path I wanted to go down, that was it. Coincidentally I had just finished watching the secret the day before  (my grandma, Ms Le Fleur herself, always raved about it and it wasn't til after she passed I sat down to actually watch it) and from there every word I spoke was with the knowing that I was going to acquire a tattoo apprenticeship. I don't know if it was luck or the power of manifestation "the secret" actually worked but 2 days later I was offered 2 tattoo apprenticeships, one of which I had applied for a year earlier. I feel so lucky to have another outlet to express my art. Whilst painting is my true love, poko.hontas allows me to express a more playful side which I often found clashed with my love for portraying the female form in a more serious, soft and powerful way.